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Sagar Jaybhay - Maharashtra, India

Software Developer

About Sagar Jaybhay – Maharashtra, India

Sagar Jaybhay, from Maharashtra, India, is currently a Senior Software Developer at Ibrain Decision Software. He has continuously grown in the roles that he has held in the more than six years he has been with this company. Sagar Jaybhay is an excellent team member and prides himself on his work contributions to his team and company as a whole.

Education in Maharashtra, India

Sagar Jaybhay is passionate about his education as well as the education that others are receiving. He attended the University of Pune in Maharashtra, India. Prior to being referred to as the University of Pune, it was known as the University of Poona, which was established in 1949. The university changed its name in 2014 to Savitribai Phule Pune University in honor of Savitribai Phule, who is known for her efforts in educating girls and women in the 19th century. The university’s mission is to provide a global and socially conscious center of creation and dissemination of knowledge for all students to gain meaningful economic, technological, and social development.

Sagar Jaybhay received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with first-class from the university in 2006. In the three years that Sagar spent at the university, he took many courses that were very in-depth and informative on each aspect of computer science. Savitribai Phule Pune University created a program that was designed with the student’s professional future in mind. The degree program that Sagar Jaybhay completed ensured that every student was capable to solve and adapt to any need that may arise when working in computer science.  

Through the education he received, Sagar developed the skills needed to become an expert in his field and knowledgeable enough to share it with others. He is extremely experienced in application development and web development. Sagar Jaybhay enjoys teaching others how to succeed in the world of computer science. His biggest passion in this industry is web development. He is constantly trying to expand his own knowledge in this area by experimenting with new technologies and techniques. Computer science is constantly growing and changing and Sagar Jaybhay makes it a point to continuously learn and expand his knowledge to keep up with the industry.

Sharing Knowledge

After completing his education and beginning to work in computer science, Sagar decided that he wanted to teach others the skills that he had in university and in his career. Sagar Jaybhay has multiple different courses that he offers to students online. He has created websites with courses and blogs to help students learn about the different tools of software development. Sagar Jaybhay is very experienced in developing with C#, Angular, and React. Sagar mostly uses C# for web development and is experienced in front and back-end development. Mainly, Sagar works in Microsoft technology, which is why he has the most experience with C#.

On his websites, Sagar Jaybhay offers courses in C#, Angular, React MVC, Data Services, Database, and AI. There is a variety of levels that Sagar offers in his courses. A student can be a beginner and learn the basics of C# or have an existing knowledge of the programming language. The main goal of his online courses is to provide people who want to learn with the resources to do so.

Many people do not have the time to dedicate to being a full-time student, and Sagar Jaybhay understands the needs of those individuals. The programs Sagar offers are part of a not-for-profit program for all that aims to equip people with the knowledge of the industry standard in software and web development. Sagar wants his courses to be available for as many people as possible; the prices of the courses begin at just $10. He is constantly expanding and updating the resources available on his sites, including instructional videos that are available on his Vimeo account, at no cost. Sagar Jaybhay is dedicated to improving the lives of as many people as possible through education.